Ford announces recall of 870,000 F-150 trucks over parking brake concerns

In an unprecedented move, Ford Motor Co. announced a major recall impacting nearly 870,000 F-150 trucks in the United States on Friday. The decision to recall the vehicles was sparked by concerns over a potential wiring issue that could lead to the unexpected activation of the electric parking brake. The vehicles affected by the recall primarily consist of F-150 models spanning the years 2021 to 2023. The recall information, revealed in a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), confirms the breadth and severity of the concern that Ford faces.

Importantly, the recall is specific to F-150 trucks equipped with a single exhaust system. Ford’s preliminary investigation reveals that these trucks are at risk, as contact with the rear axle housing can damage the wiring harness. This damage can then potentially trigger the electric parking brake to activate without warning, the automaker reported, according to Reuters.

To date, Ford has received 918 warranty claims and three field reports associated with the wire chafing condition. Of those cases, 299 incidents have reported the unintentional activation of the electric parking brake, with 19 instances occurring while the vehicle was in operation. Despite the alarming statistics, Ford has assured the public that no accidents or injuries have been reported in connection with the recall.

The company is treating this as a proactive measure to ensure the safety of F-150 owners and operators. To remedy the issue, Ford’s authorized dealers will install protective measures including a tie strap and tape wrap. In addition, dealerships will replace the potentially compromised wiring harness as necessary, all aimed at preventing future unexpected activations of the electric parking brake.