Solar Powered Sunscreen: EcoZinc a World First in Sustainable Zinc Oxide Innovation

Breaking New Ground with EcoZinc: Advance ZincTek’s Solar-Powered Sun Care Innovation Uplifting Industry Standards

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2023 / Advance ZincTek, Australia’s leading manufacturer of natural Sunscreen Actives, announces the launch of EcoZinc, the world’s first solar-powered, non-nano zinc oxide powder for SPF-rated cosmetics and sunscreens. EcoZinc not only minimizes environmental impact, but also achieves a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions-saving over 1011g of CO2 per kilowatt of energy used compared to traditional zinc oxide production.

Solar Installation
Solar Installation

Engineered via Advance ZincTek’s state-of-the-art ZinClear XP architecture, it ensures unmatched sustainability & uniform particle distribution in five BET ranges. Offering 23.08% more absorbance at a wavelength of 290nm than some competitors, EcoZinc merges top-tier skin protection and sustainability.

“EcoZinc represents a major evolution for both skincare brands and consumers striving to protect their skin and the planet,” said Advance ZincTek’s Managing Director Geoff Acton. “Our 100% solar-powered manufacturing process testifies to our resolution to spearhead the industry transition towards safer, sustainable sun protection.”

EcoZinc’s eco-friendly zinc oxide provides an integral solution for reef-safe cosmetics that meet the stringent regulations of regions such as Hawaii, Mexico, and Thailand. Through EcoZinc, companies can eliminate harmful synthetic chemicals from their products, significantly minimizing the impact on marine life.

Advance ZincTek’s recent announcement on June 21, 2023, revealed a significant Australian sunscreen manufacturer’s commitment to transition to EcoZinc for all their products, indicating a marked shift in industry preference towards safer, sustainable sunscreen ingredients.

Joseph Mizikovsky, product lead for Reef Safe, a new brand leveraging EcoZinc in its formulations, noted the industry’s necessity for such a shift. “We’re thrilled to be part of the sustainable innovation that EcoZinc brings. Numerous sunscreen brands, including many renowned Australian labels, typically rely on chemical UV filters; however, none have been deemed safe and effective by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). With EcoZinc, we aim to establish a new standard, prioritizing safety and sustainability to minimize environmental impact, especially in sensitive areas like marine parks and reefs. Zinc oxide remains the only broad spectrum UV filter approved as safe and effective by the FDA,” stated Mizikovsky.

Reef Safe‘s incorporation of EcoZinc into their sunscreen signifies not just the delivery of a product that meets the highest global sustainability and safety standards but also endorses the global shift towards clean, green, and safe sun care solutions.

Fulfilling Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments, EcoZinc provides benefits that directly aid corporate ESG adherence, thereby enabling companies to achieve their sustainability goals while delivering exceptional products.

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